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Hi Friends,

Viral content and viral marketing is where and a way to making some big buck, right.


How do you do it?

Where do you do it?

Why can it make big bucks?

Let me answer them in a sec…

So Listen, are you sick and tired of hearing how great list building is… Not saying it’s bad or anything, however it takes time and money to get going and right.

Want to know how to get your own simple business up and running, Without list building, or email marketing.

Want to know how to put up content that goes viral ever time.

Have you read so many eBooks or watched so many video courses, but they only confused the heck out of you?

Do you want to know a simple method for successful marketing, and understand how to put cash in the bank.

If you answered yes to any of these above, then this will be one of the most important letters you will ever read.

Why You Do Not Need To Build An Email List In This Method

If you have been around for any length of time online, you have probably heard about the website Viral Nova.

They post out fun, scary, fact, nature, etc, types of content that go most of the time goes viral every time. In doing so, this type of content makes them some big bucks.

This refers to the idea that the, key to profitability is with the sites content going viral.

Regularly content gets shared by hundreds and sometimes thousands.

There are certain rules and guidelines you need follow if you plan on being successful with viral content marketing.

Done properly, viral content can be a very lucrative vehicle for your business.

Allow me to introduce

Viral Money Factories

Viral Money Factories

This guide will allow and show you how to find content that has already gone viral.

The cool part is you get to use the same content and watch it go viral for yourself, and in doing so you get to make a few bucks along the way too.

Lets say you build out your first viral money factory adding some content. Within day your start to get other people checking it out and sharing it too.

Hence the name viral….

Now when and as this start to happen, lets say you start out making $2 per day from your first viral money factory website.

Not much, but over say 30 day, this is going to build up to $60 and more and more over time.

Lets take it to $5 bucks per day and add this to 30 day = $150 and so on… Still not much right..

So, lets add another website to your Viral Money Factories, that you build up to another $150.

Your now hitting – $300 bucks or more per month right, not to shabby.

But…. Don’t stop there,

lets add this up to say 5 or 10 websites, all making at least $150 per month – This = to

5 x $150 = $750 bucks per month.
10 x $150 = $1500 bucks per month.

I believe Viral nova, makes around $800 – $1200 per day. And when it was sold it fetched a nice $1.2 million.

Cool big bucks right there…

Not saying that we will all get to that, however a nice $750 – $1500 extra per month working part time is – in my book pretty sweet.

This little book and guide helps you with –

Six small step by step chapters for you to follow, it’s really that simple.

Here’s the deal, once your site is up and running – Fully covered in the book.

All the work you got to do is – Yes there is some.

1, Find your daily content.
2, Add it to your site.
3, Share the post on social media – facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.
4, Do the same for your next viral money factories
5, Your done for the day

So how do we make money – on these viral money factories.

This is a simple one and it’s made via – 3 – 4 methods…

1, Adsense
2, Affiliate offers
3, Amazon affiliate offers
4, Your own products to offer.


There you have it a simple method to viral marketing and Viral Money Factories.

So how much is it gonna cost ya – to get your hands on this great little book.

Here’s the thing, how much would you be paying out for any other business. Like a shop or store or even a building business.

And all the hours that comes with that, I’ve been there done that and it’s just not for me and as your here right now reading this very page…

I can tell that it’s not for you as well.

I say your looking at least $5000 to set up a small offline business like the above, and more than likely a hell of a lot more.

Now, if I said you can buy this book right now for $99 bucks. You’ve got to say that’s pretty fair right, as it’s shows you how to make up to $750 – $1500 bucks per month.

However, $99 bucks for a book wow, that’s taking the piss a little bit, how about $49.00 bucks.

Still high you say. OK let’s knock it down to $27.00 bucks.

Now that’s a sweet deal “right…

Well, as I’m just a sweet cool guys, I’m going to make it an even sweeter steal for you today!

How about just $17.00 bucks……

Nope let’s make it a no brain-er at a mere – $7.00 bucks… YES just $7.00 bucks….

WOW, I must have lost it…  So follow below and I’ll chat with ya real soon!!


Simon Newcombe

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