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Hey Friends,  Simon with YOU Once Again.

Video is the King and Queen of the Online Marketing World right now.

If your not adding video into any part of your marketing by now, you should be. By 2020 Video will make up for more than 90% of all Internet sales, traffic and online courses!!

However they are a part of the marketing business and just as much as you may hate making them, we will all need them, especially when looking to send traffic to our websites, landing pages, Offers or even to make a few bucks. …

Let’s look at a few things first. …

– Can you even make a video?
– Do you even know how?
– What kind of video works?
– What videos work for your business?
– Text into video?
– Recording your screen?

As there are many types of video out there, where would you start? How would you start? Which type should you use?

And, yes there is a few above that come with high cost.

There is also outsourcing your video creation, but unless you got deep pockets forget it.

Lets say for example, you wanted to outsource to make a video course. And let’s say it’s going to cost you $99.00 per video..

Which is the cheaper end!

Now, you’re looking to make your course with 10 videos, this is going to set you back for starters $990.00 bucks…

Now with that say, you can look into buying software and creating your own videos for your online course, but again there are high cost to get you started. Camtasia alone has a price tag of around $300 bucks. …

Then you’ve also got to think about the time it’s going to take you to learn how it all works. Let alone create your videos, edit them and get them uploaded…


More Wasted Time And Money Again.

Let’s not do that any more, YOU need a way to make things work as you haven’t done before.

YOU want success. …

YOU can choose to build, grow and dominate. …

Now With that said above –

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I have created Full 10 Part video courses for –

Niche Marketing PLR Business Box – Affiliate Marketing Product – Email Marketing Product.

Niche Marketing PLR Sports Box – Body Building Product – Improve Your Golf Product.

Niche Marketing PLR Health Box 1 – Acid Reflux Product – Quit Smoking Product.

Also, One of your Bonus Boxes was the –

Niche Marketing PLR Health Box 2 – Weight Loss Product – Detox Your Body Product.

Here you’re getting the full 8 Video courses for each of your Niche Marketing PLR Boxes products.

"Here's A Sample From One Of My Video Courses?"

"What Can YOU Do With Your Video Courses? "


You get full rights to sell them along with your Niche Marketing PLR Boxes products and
YOU get to make MORE MONEY on the back-end of your marketing.

It’s all been done for YOU.  Am I cool or what!

Also, Use them, Sell them for –

– up-sells
– Create Membership sites
– Content for paid membership sites
– Bonuses on other products you sell
– Stand alone Courses

– And much, much more. …

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You may have already seen in the images but,
I’m saving YOU even more time and money here by throwing YOU,
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All you got to do is import it, edit it, add your name
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Niche Marketing PLR Business Box – Video Courses!

– Affiliate Marketing Video Course
– Email Marketing Video Course

Niche Marketing PLR Sports Box – Video Courses!

– Body Building Video Course
– Improve Your Golf Video Course

Niche Marketing PLR Health Box 1 – Video Courses!

– Acid Reflux Video Course
– Quit Smoking Video Course

Bonus Box – Video Courses

Niche Marketing PLR Health Box 2 – Video Courses!

– Weight Loss Video Course
– Detox Your Body Video Course

Exclusive Up-Sell Sales Pages & Thank You/Download Pages For

– Each Video Course

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