10 Tips For Effective And Affordable Lead Generation

Lead generation and how to do it, here are 5 top tips to help you get more leads. Your business will always need more leads for it to keep growing. Let’s face it, you need a few good source to keep generating leads into your business. So, without them your business will soon be dead in the water, you need consistent lead growth.


Lead generation

Producing a Top and Engaging Headline Will Help With More Lead Generation.

Think of it like this, give something + objective + result.

Your headline is the most important part of any content you produce. As it’s the first part anyone will see or click through. Now it’s got to have engagment too, for people to click it in the first place.

Curouisity is something that always works, because it makes people want to know what’s this all about.

Results is something that should be shown at the end, to what you want to show or teach.

Lead generations offers

Produce A Great Offer That Your Lead Generation Leads Really Want.

When creating an offer for sale or opt-in. The offer need to be right for your audience or they will go the other way. You lose the sale or opt-in.

It all comes down to your research in the beginning to find out what you need to offer your niche audience.

A lot of the time squeeze pages that don’t convert, is because the offer not being right for that audience. It is not the squeeze page. If the offer is right and something that they really want they will opt-in no matter the look.

Some really ugly pages actually work better, if you have a great offer.

The offers are dependant on niche choice as they all act do different offers in different ways too.

  • Video cources
  • ebooks
  • reports
  • templates
  • checklist

The one thing that is a must have with any offers you give out is “HIGH VALUE”. If you show low value the offer will flop before you even get started.

Lead generation content

Lead Generation Always Needs Delightful Content

If you are thinking about blog post’s, then create good and delightful content. The better you make it the more lead generation you will create from each post you’ll get.

Alway have unique content you write yourself, because it shows you and your own personality. It’s also good for the search engines as they love new and unique content.

As to the search engines, ie google loves long content nowadays too. Blog posts need to be around a minimium 1500 words for good natural rankings. But the longer you can make it the better. As long as you can still give high value in your content.

Lead generation video marketing

Video Marketing Is A Big Lead Generation Method For Any Business Online Or Offline.

Making videos for lead generation is one of the top methods in marketing today. Also video is used for online and offline busineeses.

In your video you can direct people anywhere you want them to go etc…

Capture page
blog post
phone number
sales page
affiliate offers
your own products

Video marketing is mostly done via youtube, but there are lots of other places online for video marketing and uploading your video.

I have 20 video sharing websites you can upload to and reach a far greater lead generation.

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Lead generation audio content

Audio Content Is Another Way To Go For Lead Generation

Audio content can be great for lead generation. It is put together via mp3 tracks, or podcast.

As of today studies show there are 112 million Americans alone listening to podcasts.

You think this could be a great way to build more leads from a podcast. Again can link this with A download and your subscribers can listen in when there on the move. Can listen when in the car going to work, at the gym or when at lunch.

With that said why not join the fun on our podcast – Across The Pond Live… This is me Simon Newcombe and business partner Bradley Waldrop. Here we are sharing talks about business and just having some laugh’s…

Lead generation solo ads

Lead Generation From Solo ads.

One of the oldest and easiest methods of lead generation today and past. You are basicly tapping into someone else’s email list of subscribers to build your own list of subscribers.

The trick with a solo ad. As you are paying money for this you need to sell something right after the opt-in. Often called a tripwire, something priced from around $7 – $47 sometimes can be more.. Again depends on the offer and niche.

Lead generation webinars

Webinars Are Great For Lead Generation.

Simple and a great method for generating hundreds of leads into your business. People need to sign up to be on your webinar right.

There in a nut shell is how you generate leads to your subscriber list. Remember to share high value content within your webinar.

You can also create alot of sales from pitch your product at the end of your webinars.

Lead generation emails

Email list for lead generation

Once you have built your email list. This is one of the best places to go for more lead generation. They will help you share your content more, If you ask them nicely.

Treat them right and they will generate more and more leads and sales for you.

Lead generation social media

Social media lead generation with consistent posting

Social media can be funny at times. With where you post and how you post it and to what you are posting.

Facebook groups you need to show you as being helpful and engaging. First of all, before you start posting links to everything. They will ban you if you are seen as spaming your link, be careful.

Instagram is another great place you can build a high following and great for lead generation. Post your picture without links. Have a “LINKS IN OUR BIO” on all your image uploads.

Here is a great video I did on Instagram posting..


Lead generation success

Stories Of Success Are Great For Lead Generation.

When someone is looking at buying something alot will look for success stories or reviews first.

Success stories or reviews give people a little reasurance before buying into something, alot of people do look for them.

Therefore when people can see alot of your success. It makes for better opt-ins or sales as they see this as the results they want too.


Conclusion of my post today

There you have 10 tips to lead generation that you can use today to build more lead into your business.

Doing one thing everyday in your business will being you good growth. The trick is being consistent with what you do and keep doing it.

The podcast is live and waiting for you to join the fun so don’t forget to come on over.

Across The Pond Live

Thanks for visiting my blog today!!

Simon Newcombe….

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