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From: Simon Newcombe

You know how it is…

You have this wicked idea for a niche money-making site, but find you haven’t got the time to do all the creation yourself. The website, the graphic’s, the funnel of pages etc,etc…

May be you’re never created a website before, May be you don’t even know how to get started with putting up a website, let alone creating all the graphic’s and pages.

Now that’s ok, – there’s always PLR


But hold on a moment…

What is PLR?

Look, – plain and simple,  PLR is private label right to someone else’s products. Which once purchased gives you the right to sell as your own.

And more importantly, it allows you to keep all 100% of the profits.

If you would like to find out more information Keep reading below and

Allow me to mention...

"Niche Marketing PLR Boxes"

What Are The Niche Marketing PLR Boxes?

Well having researched many niche markets for my self over the years. Many years of building out Amazon Niche website via WordPress.

Also building out and growing review website to promote many, many digital marketing products. 

Now, I decided to do it for others and create products for people like YOU to take and have the opportunity to sell as your own.

What’s In The Niche Marketing PLR Boxes?

Each Niche Marketing PLR box contains. 

Two Niche Marketing PLR Products, along with full marketing funnels and promotional materials for each of the products..

Plus There’s More!

Keep reading to find out what!!!

"Let's take a look at what you're getting Today"

Starting Off Are The 6 High Quality Short Guides.

A Basic Guide To Acid Reflux

Content:33 Pages/ 5,891 Words

This is a great little guide which will show your readers through the do’s and don’t s on how to treat and prevent Acid Reflux. What are the bad foods to avoid, along with the right foods to eat.

A large number of persons suffer from acid reflux at one time or another. Heartburn or acid indigestion is another name that refers to acid reflux. Heartburn, the major symptom of Acid Reflux in the esophagus, is described to cause a burning uneasiness at the back of the sternum.

How To Quit Smoking

Content:33 Pages/ 8,366 Words

Everyone who smokes or has smoked knows the Dangers it brings. It is a killer. FULL STOP.

Help, not just your readers but everyone who’s looking to Quit Smoking today. This short guide shows and help on the triggers of Smoking and how to stop them NOW!

Affiliate Marketing Income Blueprint

Content:32 Pages/ 9,352 Words

This short guide will walk your readers on the right path of doing Affiliate Marketing. Showing how to make money via simple Affiliate Marketing methods.

For many businessmen, creating multiple streams of income online or offline is one way of securing themselves as well as their businesses in the future. They also believe that it can also save them from the so-called famine effect in the business industry.


Email Marketing Blueprint

Content:30 Pages/ 7,753 Words

Every marketer/entrepreneur soon learns that the money is in the list.

Right, Wrong!

The money is actually in the relationship you’re building with your list!

Now this wonderful short guide will teach your readers and followers through the right way to build a grow your list relationships. Then turning it all into profits.

How To Do Basic Body Building

Content:35 Pages/ 8,122 Words

Wicked, Body Building Muscle Building guide for your readers who are looking into getting a healthier life style.

Body Building is also one of the best ways to losing weight and keeping it off. 

Diet will always be part of muscle building too, and this short guide runs through it all.

What to eat, and what-not to eat to be healthy and stay healthy long term!


Golf Players Handbook

Content:21 Pages/ 3,939 Words

Most, if not all Golf players are looking to improve their game and lower their score cards.

It’s the opportunity to be outside, to get a good whole body workout, network with friends or business colleagues at a leisurely pace.

To play a game that you can never perfect. But this guide will show you how to improve it, and along the way let’s lower them score cards for you and your readers!

"Wait Up - There's More"

The Lead Magnets - Tips Reports!

Lead magnet tips reports all made for you to giveaway to build your list. And all related to the above ebooks…

Add your name and products links inside and give them away.

Give them away to your existing Customers to help build them relationship and you as a great person who likes to give more than anyone else.

WordPress Editable - High Converting Landing Pages & Thank you Pages

Designed to be high converting landing page, so you get to squeeze as many leads as you can.

Upload it, edit the text, images, add your form code, and it’s live and ready to capture your leads.

How simple do you want it, it don’t get any easy than this!

WordPress Editable - Sales Pages & Thank you Pages

High converting WordPress Editable sales pages and thank you pages.

Upload it, edit the text & images, Add your buy buttons, your name and picture and it’s live and ready to make you sales day in day out.

How simple is that, it don’t get any easy than this!

6 High quality social media graphics and quotes

6 high quality graphic’s and quotes for each product you get today.

Use them on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus etc,etc.

East and simple way to use and drive free traffic to your landing pages.

Graphic's Pack

Includes your ebook cover graphics, along with images used inside your books.

Also includes the cover graphics of your tips reports.

Each has small, medium and large sizes. Can be used on your website, sales pages or landing pages and blogs.

8 Promotional Emails Swipes

Emails are great way to build trust with your subscribers.

These 8 email swipe are written to build the trust and relationships with your list.

While pushing the soft sales for you within the 8 day email sequence. 

5 Follow Up Customer Emails

These 5 emails are to follow up with your new customers after making a sale.

Continue to build trust and your relationship to grow your business and gaining more and more sales.

Your new customers will keep buying from you, if you keep treating them right.

Don’t just promote to them, send them great information and just a few promotions now and then.

Extra PLR Article Packs

These articles can be used for anything you need, blog post email content, videos.

Use them to send traffic to your landing pages to gain more and more leads and customers.

Use them to create more books or reports for more leads and customers.

License Certificates Packs

You are purchasing full private label right to the above products.

However you will also receive Resell Rights and also Master Resell Rights.


"STOP & WAIT UP - There's still More"

Funnel Set Up - Mind Map PDF

You ant to get set up fast with your new products and funnels right, but not 100% sure how.

This is why we have the funnel set up mind map PDF for you.

A step by step guide on how to set up your products and funnels for leads and sales.

1250 Keyword File

Do you know how to pick the right keywords for you products and funnels, NO.”

Well you don’t have to as it all been done for you.

These are targeted keywords and phrases you get to use today.

Use them for your blog post (keywords or phrases), use the keywords in your video’s titles and descriptions.

Remember, You’re Getting Two Full Products Within Each Niche Marketing PLR Box.

However, I am going to give YOU 3 Niche Marketing PLR Boxes today, Simply because I want to up the value I am giving YOU today. …

You’ll actually be getting 6 Niche Marketing PLR products when YOU take up this offer!

"So What's On Offer For You Today!"

These are the Niche Marketing PLR Boxes you’ll be receiving today if you take my offer.

You get to pick a product from one of your boxes, plug it in, make some edits(if you want to) and launch away.

You’ll be able to build your email list and be making sales, Once you grow your list to a success.

You’ll get to pick another niche marketing PLR product from the stock you already have and build the next one to success.

You won’t need to buy any other products for a while, you’ll have six to start with and build to success. ..

Then Just Rinse and repeat the process again and again…

Let's talk a little about the value and offer!

Within the last couple months, I have been looking, checking and researching over a lot of other PLR in the market right now.

And the one thing that has stuck out to me was the pricing on some offers.

One offer that really blew my mind was – set at a pricing of $37 dollars.

OK, A fair price you might say.

There was a fair amount of stuff within the product.

eg ebook to sell, checklist lead magnet, Squeeze page sales and thank you pages, 5 follow up email, social media graphics, etc etc…

Now in no way am I saying it’s a bad or good product.

I didn’t buy, because the $37 bucks seemed a bit high for just one product. (It may just be me).

Bonus Time: So Irresistible You Can Not Refuse it!


All these products, all these bonuses how will you ever cope with them all. But more and most important is how much is it going to cost you for it all.

As a marketer who had tried and struggled for over 8 years to make things work and really make consistant money online.

I really do understand how hard it can be to get going and find what really works.

This is why I have chosen to go down the PLR product route now.

WHY, because it works, it has worked for many years and will still work for many many more.

"How Much Is It Going To Cost You Today?"

Know let’s say each PLR product  you buy is valued at $37.00 like the one I found in my research.

This would give me a value for my 6 PLR products at $222.00 Plus there’s also a bonus box with two more PLR products making another $74.00. And a total price for all 8 products at $296.00

But for today, you can own all of the above products for a mere one time fee of just $47.00,

But will soon rise to $67.00

That is a truly incredible deal!

Did I mention these products are only $47.00?  It’s definitely a point worth repeating.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more valuable resource.

I’m delighted to have the chance to share these powerful niche marketing PLR products with you.

Again, you will receive the comprehensive and valuable insights for only $47.00

Please click the buy button right now and take ownership of these valuable PLR products TODAY!

100% Satisfaction 30 Day Guarantee Or It’s Your Money Back!

Let's take a recap!

3 Niche Marketing PLR Boxes

Each of the Niche Marketing PLR Boxes contain two full products and full funnels along with extra promotional material to help you market.

Each product contains –

Module 1 – 6 High Quality Short Guides.
Module 2 – The Lead Magnets – Tips Reports
Module 3 – High Converting Lead Magnet Landing Pages & Thank you Pages.
Module 4 – WordPress Editable – Sales Pages & Thank you Pages.
Module 5 – 6 High quality social graphic’s and quotes
Module 6 – Graphic’s Packs
Module 7 – 8 Promotional Email Swipes
Module 8 – 5 Follow Up customer Emails
Module 9 – Extra PLR Articles Pack.
Module 10 – PLR, MRR, RR License Packs.
Module 11 – Funnel Set Up -Mind Map PDF
Module 12 – 1250 Keywords File

Plus All The Added Bonuses –

Super Fast Action Bonus #1
Health PLR box 2 –

Super Fast Action Bonus #2
Niche Marketing PLR Boxes – Video Training Formula

Super Fast Action Bonus #3
Simple Ebay Dropshipping Video Course And Ebook.

Super Fast Action Bonus #4
Niche Marketing PLR Boxes – Facebook Mastermind & Members Support Group.

Super Fast Action Bonus #5
Exclusive Digital Business Starter Kit.

Get Instant Access Right Now!

To Your Success,

Simon Newcombe

P.S.  –  Please take action today. This is only going to be offered at this low introductory price for a limited time period. And, the only way I can guarantee you the results at this low price is if you order before the price rise.

P.P.S. –  You’re not alone in your struggles online, but you don’t have to struggle any longer. click below to get your “Niche Marketing PLR Boxes” today.