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Welcome From Simon Newcombe,

Hi Friends

When it comes to working online, we see so many entrepreneurs trying to work the system and purchased “programs.” But so many of you are still struggling to make it work.

In fact, I’d like to tell you a little story about Simon.

Simon has been working the system for around 10 years, and boy Simon has been through overwhelming struggles over the years.

Simon is a great guy, down to earth and loves helping others online.

After slugging it out for ten hard years, Simon finally has a consistent income online. But, it hasn’t always been this way for Simon.

After a life-threatening illness back in 2008, Simon was unable to work his day job and started looking online for other ways to make a living.

He Googled.

He searched Facebook.

He searched the Warrior Forum.

And, finally stumbled across Clickbank, an affiliate network.

An online marketing “guru” was pitching this training program called “Google Sniper.” And, on the sales page, he showed screenshot after screenshot that proved anyone could make up to $3,000 per week with a little work and online know-how.

Simon jumped in on the $47 program and ebook. Then, just like you, he was bombarded with a $97 video training up-sell. Feeling desperate, he grabbed it all and stayed up for 72-hours straight.



Taking action!

He was pumped!

So, he got cracking.

Simon built his first product review website.

And, that’s when another expense hit him.

He kept shelling out more and more. This time, he needed a domain and web hosting.

Add another $105 per year to the mix.

But, hoping for success, he swiped his card and kept on going!

WordPress installed – Check!

Plugins installed – Check!

What?! Now Simon’s feeling a little out of his element again. He’s got to learn about how to write a useful review.

So, he plunks down another $25 and downloads even more training!

His dream of earning money from his laptop is turning into a masters program in digital wizardry.


But, Simon’s not a quitter – just like you’re not a quitter.

So, he gets everything all finished up and hopes and prays that Google will like what he’s done so that he’ll get visitors to show up.

And, he waits.

And waits.

As Simon is waiting, he’s convinced that he’s on the right track. So, he decides to swipe his card a few more times to get more products to review – build a site & get listed in Google.

That’s another $120 bucks – and he’s still waiting for the sites to rank in the search engines.

Come on man! The traffic’s gotta get here! Simon’s running out of money and already out of patience!

So, what happened to Simon?

He got fed up and went back online to try something different!

Coming across some articles about email marketing and some saying the money is in the list, Simon looked more into email marketing.

Again Simon purchased a program, but this time around it had a monthly bill at around the $29 bucks mark……

In he goes, Simon learned how to build a landing page/squeeze page and capture peoples name and emails.

Then he communicated with these people on the email list and recommended products for them to buy…

And you make commissions as an affiliate in sending out these emails.

Within the next couple of weeks, Simon built his first ever email list of around 50 subscribers all from free traffic methods.

Sending out daily emails sharing an article and few videos and adding in couple promotional emails recommending products, Simon made a sale from one of the emails he sent out…

WOW, finally something that worked, $1000 product sold and Simon’s commission was around $300 bucks…


Had he finally found a way to making money with this online thing?

Keeping it going with the emails, Simon was bringing in a couple $ here and there via the commission from recommending products.

Nothing significant, but it was working for Simon.

Do you or can you feel the pains and frustrations from the troubles he had and went through. Maybe you or someone you know have gone through the same or similar.

You tend to see a lot of others on social media with struggles and never really making it work with the systems they purchase and study.

Anyway, my review websites never got traffic and never made one penny back in income…

And, it’s these type of programs made and sold by thieving bastards, who are just out there looking for victims just like Simon.

OK, let’s be real for a minute, stay away from these programs and systems.

They don’t care about you, they just want your money. And, they will keep getting it from you, because they know what makes you tick and what you think you need.

They thrive on it and you…..

I’m here to help and protect you.

Want to know a secret?

It’s a real one?

OK, you want to know?

You sure?

You really really sure?

Guess what?

I’m Simon, and I thank you for reading through my story and getting to this point.

Congratulations, and it’s truly my pleasure to meet you…

As you know the struggles I have personally been through, the nights and days, the weeks, months and the years of sweating and stressing with worries to get it right and work.

Bad times of going through it all, this has given me a few things tho, going over many many programs and system and a lot here I have not listed, it’s just to many…

It would take you a week to read…

I now know what I’m doing, how it works, and what works, this is the biggest learning curve for me, I think I learnt everything and most of it didn’t work for me.

But what has worked, I want to pay it forwards and give back to others, and hope that may be you…

The thing is, I know what you where looking for when you started, as I wanted it to..

It’s a little fact, that you hate your day job and most likely the pay stinks, and the long hours you have to put in day after day.

Just a little extra and consistent income and cash-flow, so if the boss said your fired tomorrow, you haven’t got to worry about being made homeless or paying them monthly bills..

Keeping the roof over the family and food on the table. Taking the wife out to a fancy restaurant for a nice meal, and having that real time with the kids.

And, that’s why I’m so excited to tell you I found a way for you to get all that.

That’s right – there’s a way for you to get that dream and I know how you can have the work done for you.

BUT, before that dream - Let's Show You What We Could Be Doing For You Today!

Client Pages And Results

Our Own And Client Funnels

So What's On Offer Today!


Auto-Matic Email Builder!!

What is Auto-Matic Email Builder?

This is a service that I Simon & Team will build for you, No more worrying, Does it work, Will it work, When will it work..

Yes it works, because I’m going to build it for you..

  1. Funnel designed – sorted
  2. Hosting – sorted
  3. Pages – sorted
  4. Auto-responder – sorted
  5. Email sequence – sorted
  6. Traffic – sorted

The whole damn thing, I want to build the lot for you, and at the end give you the list, built and done.

Will even keep the pages live and hosted for you to keep building and adding to the list…

Hand over the auto-responder account so you can add your next set of emails and keep it going..

You get to engage and market to your new list of subscribers..

It really is that simple…

I will do all the work of building your pages and copy, hosting them, setting up auto-responder account and your 7 day email sequence, setting up your links to sales or affiliate offers.

I write to build the trust with your new subscribers..

After the set up is done, I will start to send in the traffic for you, so your list is built and be ready for you when we hand it over….

Hope to serve you well with my help in building your business asset..


– Simon..

You can now choose your package Below.

What's included in your package?

Funnel Designed


Landing page/Thank you page

Redirect links to your sales page or affiliate offer

Auto-responder platform and account for up to 5000 subscribers

7 Day email sequence – Written and loaded into your auto-responder

Traffic packs – 300 – 500 – 1000 Clicks will be sent to your landing page.


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IMPORTANT NOTESThis offer is for shop owners, small business owners, or marketers in the IM, MMO niche only. There may be packages for other niches in the future.

Here's A few Bonuses Thrown In If You Take Action Today!


Email List Growth And Sales - checklist

It is a long established fact that email marketing is one of the top ways to making an income online.

This little checklist gives you more important tips and a  working guide on how to keep building your email list.

Keep adding more and more subscribers to make sales is the keys to suceed.



Full Funnel Tracking And Stats

Tracking your funnel and stats is essential to success, because it show you what works and don’t work.

If you do not use ant form of tracking in your business, then you really should not be in business.

The cost of tracking tool is very high and mostly on the monthly pricing model.

We are throwing full tracking and stats in for your fact action bonus today.


Three Part Webinar Series

Training tips and tricks on how to build and grow your email list.

Boost your marketing, copy and sales through this training series..

Part, 1 Growing Your List

Part, 2 Improving Your Copy

Part, 3 Gaining more sales


Client Case Study

In this case study we show you exactly how a local artist and author thwacked 3,290 highly-responsive, ultra-targeted email subscribers into his email list without having to pay for every click!

You’ll also find out how he added XX active participants in his Facebook group, XX to his YouTube audience, and XX subscribers to his Podcastall in the same campaign