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One of my first memories back from about 9 years old, was when I saw my mum and dad split up. I remember the day my dad left, well and it still Haunts me to this day when i look back.

I know we all go through bad times when we’re young, well me and my two sisters lived with mum four the next four years, That’s when mum remarried Allen my stepdad, who was a good man.

I personally started to go off the rails a little as i got to about 13. I never went to school when i was meant to, bunking of most days. I was stealing cars for fun, I was robbing shops for fun and money and going fishing.

At 15 I also started smoking cannabis taking ecstasy pills cocaine and what-not.

Well at 16, I ended up in prison for breaking entry… Was out there getting into shops and warehouses to steal and pay for my drugs habits..

You see I also saw this as the easy way out, from working doing the normal thing that one does in life. However stealing and robbing really and honestly was never the easy way, It sure was a real hard way to live each and everyday.

I was given 18 month sentence for robbing a shop, and came out just few weeks before my 18 birthday. Mum didn’t want me in the house, so i was on the street living rough for a while. Ended up in the hospital for drug overdose, you see I didn’t want to live I had nothing no money no job and no life I just didn’t care about anything, I suffered depression from everything i went through.

One day I went to the roof a tower block in London, I was going there to jump off.

Standing on the edge and just as i pushed my self forwards with one leg in the air and about to go, the wind came up and literally blew me back from the edge and back on the roof.

This is well, looking back now a turning point in my own life when i said no more. It’s time to change and grow onto the person I really wanted to be. Not knowing where to go and who i wanted to be. I decided to leave London and find my dad, maybe he could help me out a bit.

He couldn’t be leave all the troubles I was having, on the conditions i sorted myself out with a job and start to build a life He let me stay.

I worked as a print finisher, did some building work, also went on and trained as a painter and decorator and worked for many years.

I even managed to build a relationship and start a family.

How Simon got seriously ill and into online marketing!

Well back in May 2008 I got seriously ill and come very close to passing away, and ended up in hospital for three and half weeks, i was 18 stone and i lost 6 stone in that three weeks because of this illness.

I had morphine for pain (automatic pump, so good :-)), had a food tube place up my nose, drips in my arms, tube down my —— as i couldn’t wee for days. Had a few cat scan’s to find out what this illness was – Server Acute Pancreatitis.

I was sent home after the 3 and half weeks, still with the morphine and food tube. For another 7 weeks i had this food tube, no food, no coffee and i drink at least 10 cups a day, was only allowed water.

One year latter i was rushed in hospital again, what was known as a side effect of Pancreatitis is a pseudo cyst – Again the food tube was fitted and lasted about a month.

Had some tubes fitted into my stomach and cyst last Jan 2017 – And doing OK for now!

The Marketing!

While i was going through all this, i was sitting at the computer one day, as i was unable to work and had very little money coming in. There was an ad, click here to make money online. So i did, I followed it and made nothing but i started to look at more and more things about make money online.

I found a course to promote and i posted it everywhere and still nothing. I then found out about email marketing, so i had a go. Within a couple weeks i built a list of around 35 subscribers and then i got my first ever sale online from an email i sent out.

$1000 – And a commission of $300 and this worked out to be ¬£184 pounds after all the fee’s and exchange rate then. Now i was hooked it works it’s real. But then the same thing happens no sales no business.

What was it? – I stopped building my list, and the list i built went cold. Then I run out of money and lost my websites my auto responder accounts and lists my hosting, everything had gone i just couldn’t pay for it any more. I gave up..

Then I came back again i can’t give up, i knew there was a way to work it and build it. I looked around and saw most successful marketers had there own products, So I created The Concept Membership and the rest is in the making….!!!

Thanks for visiting and reading about me today, means a lot to me that you have taken the time to do it, I know it’s a big read..

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